It's been a really hot summer here! That means that we are drinking extra water in my house. Which actually leads to a bit of a problem for me...water rings on my (somewhat) nice table. :/ Sadly, I am as much to blame as anyone else, so I came up with a solution!  I started making fabric coasters and I LOVE the pop of color they give my tables! :)  

This is such a quick and easy project!  I finished mine in less than an hour--that included taking pictures AND stopping to feed my son.  That makes this a perfect project for when you don't have a lot of time to sew. They would also make a great gift for someone special!

What you need:  Two scraps of your favorite Mabel Madison fabrics, a scrap of batting, and thread.
1.  Cut your two fabrics and batting just larger than the size you want your finished coaster to be.  I chose to cut my last set 6 1/2" (square). The first one I made was only about 4" and seemed to be just barely big enough!

2. Layer your two fabrics right sides together on top of the batting.

3. Pin or clip, if desired, to keep your layers from shifting.

4.  Sew all the way around using a 1/4" or so seam allowance,  leaving a gap on one side to turn everything through. (Start at one clip, then sew all the way around to the other.)

5. Clip corners if you want to help make the corners nice and crisp.

6.  Turn through opening so that your pretty fabrics are right sides out.  You may choose to use a point turner to help push the corners out.  Obviously I didn't--I like the rounded corner look! ;)
7.  Press well, making sure to fold under the opening so that it's even with the rest of that side.

8. Time to stitch!  Starting at a corner, stitch down each side (making sure to stitch over the opening to close it up) stopping just shy of the first stitches.

9. Pivot at the first corner and continue stitching all the way around the coaster, using your presser foot as a guide.

10.  Stitch as far into the center of the coaster as you want.  On my smaller coaster, I went to the very center of the coaster, but the larger one is stitched about an inch in from the sides.

As you can see, the 4" coaster is barely big enough for my cup, but the 6" coaster easily holds my cup and a cupcake!

Happy sewing!

Laura :)