Hello!! My name is Heather and I'm really excited to be a part of the Mabel Madison promo group!! By day I am a full-time interior designer. By night, I'm a one-woman sewing enthusiast! Mostly, I sew for my six-year-old daughter and muse, Katy. Occasionally, I even sew for myself. I blog about our family and my sewing adventures over at All Things Katy!

How I Got Started With Sewing

Other than a few sewing classes in middle school home economics (many, many eons ago!), I’m a self-taught sewist. I picked up sewing in earnest after the birth of my daughter.

I started out sewing simple things that I “needed” in the course of young motherhood; nursing covers, burp cloths, reusable snack bags, etc. Then, a friend introduced me to the world of PDF sewing patterns and I was hooked. Through yards and yard of fabric, lots of trial and error, good patterns (and some not-so-good patterns), several machines and umpteen spools of thread, I managed to get pretty proficient with a sewing machine.
I’ve learned A LOT along the way and I would definitely consider sewing a passionate hobby! I have found the online sewing world to be supportive, creative and ever-changing. My advice to those just starting out with sewing would be this: “…Just go for it..!” Be willing to try new things - new patterns, new techniques, new designers and yes, even new-to-you machines. You won’t get better, and you won’t learn, unless you try. And, it’s okay to fail every once in a while.

What I Like to Sew

My daughter is pretty girly, and she pretty much wears a dress every day of the week. So, as a result, I sew lots and lots of dresses! I also sew lots of leggings and shorts to wear under said dresses.

FOREST CREATURES & WOODLANDS.jpgMy favorite Mabel Madison fabrics

I first discovered Mabel Madison fabrics less than a year ago through the online sewing community. In my opinion, what sets these fabrics apart from the rest is the unique selection available. You can find knits and woven fabrics with designs and character prints not found elsewhere. I used Zippy Zebra in French terry to sew my daughter a picture day dress. There is also a great selection of poplin woven fabrics that are lightweight and easy to work with. I sewed up a shirt and shorts set (with matching dolly outfit!) using FlowerBunch-White Stenzo Poplin. (I'll be sharing my makes in the group this week, so be sure to join if you haven't already!)


When I recently received a girly surprise pack of fabric from Mabel Madison, my daughter was ECSTATIC (!!) to find that it included a yard of Springs Creative My Little Pony knit. Katy is OBSESSED with My Little Pony! She has loved My Little Pony since she was less than three years old and her playroom is littered with every iteration of Twilight Sparkle, Rarity (the fashionista, sewing pony!), Spike and the rest of the Mane Six. I'll also be sharing this in the group with you this week!

Happy Sewing!
Heather Jones