When Heather posted her intro on Monday, she mentioned that her favorite things to sew are dresses for her daughter. While there are a lot of great paid patterns out there for cute girls' dresses, sometimes it's nice to make something with the fabrics you've been stashing from Mabel Madison without having to spend any money on a pattern. Here are some of the great dress patterns that are available (and suggestions for which of our fabrics might be appropriate to use with the pattern).

The Polka Dots Dress from Kikoi

Kikoi's cute Polka Dots Dress (image courtesy of Kikoi) for sizes 1-7 has some fun details - including kitty cat pockets. It is intended to be sewn with stretch fabrics. Many of our knits would be great for this dress. For example, Verhees Dazzling Dot would fit the bill perfectly. But how about switching things up with Stenzo's Twinkling Vines, or perhaps even Verhees Adorable Animals?

Dazzling Dot - Purple - Verhees Jersey Knit Twinkling Vines - Blue - Stenzo Jersey Knit Adorable Animals - Pink  - Verhees Euro Jersey Knit


(9) Name: 'Sewing : Racerback Dress

The Racerback Dress from Hey June

For those looking for a sporty style that's an easy sew (how much easier can you get than shoulder seams, side seams, neckband, armbands, hem?), there is Hey June's Racerback Dress (Image courtesy of Crafterhours, sizes 1-8). This is the kind of pattern you want to use when you really want to make a fabric stand out and show off how gorgeous it is. If you've been wondering what to do with the Stenzo French Terry Knit, All Dressed Up, here's your chance to sew it up. You can fussy cut to get your placement just right, choose a coordinating fabric for your bands, and have a statement dress for your little gal in no time at all. Birch Organics' Gold Bugs and Stenzo's Carousel are also great choices.

All Dressed Up (Digital) - Aqua - Stenzo French Terry Knit Bugs - Gold - Birch Organics Knit Carousel (Digital) - White - Stenzo French Terry Knit



The Party Dress from The Cottage Mama

The Party Dress from The Cottage Mama (6m-10 years, photo courtesy of The Cottage Mama) is a great dress to use with your favorite woven fabrics. Choose a great cotton poplin as your main fabric, and you can use another one as your accent fabric. Depending on what fabrics you mesh with one another, you can make this dress as fancy or plain as you would like. For great fall photos, it might be fun to put together Stenzo's Apples for Teacher as the main fabric and Verhees Hearts Flocking Poplin as the sash and bottom hem of the dress. To get the pattern for this dress, you do have to sign up for the Cottage Mama newsletter (it's totally worth it - and you get news from Cottage Mama, too!). A second fun combination might be mixing Verhees Grey Poppy Euro Poplin with Red Stenzo Poplin Big Stars.

Apples for Teacher - Brown - Stenzo Poplin Hearts Flocking - White - Verhees Euro Poplin Poppy - Grey - Verhees Euro Poplin Big Stars - Red - Stenzo Poplin


(9) Name: 'Sewing : Criss Cross Jumper

The Criss Cross Jumper from Nap-Time Creations

Jumpers are great for fall, and the free Criss Cross Jumper from Nap-Time Creations (image courtesy of Craftsy) is no exception. Do you know what is also great for fall? Corduroy. Lucky for you, we have lots of it, and it would be the perfect fit for this free girls' dress pattern. How about sewing the pattern up with Stenzo Floral Square Corduroy? It's a structured fabric that has amazing drape and doesn't feel heavy. Believe me when I tell you that this is not your standard corduroy. It's soft, and it really hangs and moves well. Other great corduroy choices for this jumper include Verhees Euro Corduroy Paisley Party and Stenzo's Windowpanes Euro Corduroy.  

Floral Square - Blue - Stenzo Euro Corduroy Paisley Party - Red - Verhees Euro Corduroy Windowpanes - Pink - Stenzo Euro Corduroy


Pleated Square Tunic || Free PDF Pattern || Shwin&Shwin

The Pleated Square Tunic from Shwin and Shwin

Though not technically a dress, a tunic is a versatile staple in a girl's closet. This dress-shirt hybrid can be worn as is with jeggings, leggings, or pants or you can lengthen the pattern to make it dress-length with a relative amount of ease. This last free pattern I am going to share with you, The Pleated Square Tunic from Shwin and Swhin, will work great with many of our woven fabric options, including the Fleur de Lis Chambray and the Stitchy Dots Cotton Voile. You may also want to try stitching it up in the Veerhees Butterfly Kisses Corduroy for a super-cute fall look.

Chambray - Fleur-de-Lis Stitchy Dots - Cherry - Cotton Voile Butterfly Kisses - Cream - Verhees Euro Corduroy

Other Free Girls' Dress Patterns?

Of course, there are many more great free dress patterns out there for little girls (more than can be covered in a single article, in fact). Please share your favorites in our comments section, and be sure to follow our Pinterest board for more great ideas!