Hello Everyone! I am Essence, and I am a scientist by night and a mom-stress on the go by day! So if you are looking for me before noon, I am probably asleep!

How I Got Started

I consider myself fairly new to sewing, I have only been behind my machine for almost 2 and a half years. I have a friend who inspired me to pick up the habit and she taught me everything I needed to know to get started... Including the strength to be fearless! If I have to opportunity to try something new, I jump at it. Although I still haven't mastered the buttonhole!

Who Do I Sew For

Anyone and everyone! You will see my daughter most frequently out of convenience but I love to sew for myself. At 6 feet tall, finding clothes that fit me well is often a challenge and so I love the ability to make what I want. And any time I can sew for my son or hubby, I jump at the chance. I have been known to sew a few things for little girls and boys in need of something special or personal!

My favorite fabrics

If it stretches, I love it. My first Mabel Madison creation was for my son on the Duds For Dudes blog tour. I made him a shirt with the Camouflage Green Stenzo Jersey Knit and I fell in love! The fabric was a dream to work with and he loved having a "big boy" type of fabric.

d4d 2

While browsing the site (I love fabric so it is my happy place), I fell in love with the Candid Camera poplin print so I may have to plan something around that print! Recently I received a surprise pack of fabric and this week I will show off what I made from those fabrics!


And I ordered some performance fabrics so it remains to be seen if those will become something... for me! I don't want to share these pretties!


mm collage

I will see you soon!