Mabel Madison is really thrilled to host a week-long blog tour focused on sewing for BOYS! Every day this week, you'll have a chance to visit with a few of our friends and see what they have made for their boys.  It's our last day and we've got a great trio of bloggers - Sew Happily Ever After, Handcrafted by RED, and If Only They Would Nap are showing off their amazing creations today. Let's go visiting!

Sew Happily Ever After

Pop over here to see Linda show off the versatility of Stenzo's Auto Parts - Blue Poplin and Pit Stop - Blue Poplin. These woven fabrics are wonderfully suitable for all kinds of things.  We love this pack!

Handcrafted by RED

Rachel's dude rocks a seriously cool hoodie made from Pit Stop - Blue Corduroy by Stenzo in her post here.  It's a really fun look, great for spring, and definitely boy-approved!

If Only They Would Nap

Our last tour stop, by Jess, is here.  Her dude's knit shirt features Adorable Animals - Blue from Verhees, and it's definitely adorable! The pants are made with Crossroads Denim Twill - Fire Red. Isn't this little guy awesome?

Thanks so much for joining us on the Duds for Dudes Tour!  We've had a great time, gotten lots of inspiration, and look forward to the next round.  Now go make some duds for YOUR dude!  Be they big or small, boys are fun to sew for.