Hi! I'm Emily, and I'm the one behind Mabel Madison.  :)  

This week's Fun Friday is a little walk-through of a gift for one of my kids' teachers.  She's so super nice, and loads of fun, and *almost* as snarky as me.  And she's really great with the kiddos, especially mine.  I know she just LOVES stars, and Americana-type stuff, and I figured that the stars poplins would be just right for a little gift.  I picked the Little Stars - Red/Oatmeal and Little Stars - Navy to keep the theme.  

twinkle, twinkle...

The project is coasters.  Yes, coasters.  They're quick and easy, they're GREAT for using up scraps (including making them with two different fabrics!), and when you're making them for someone who likes 'old-time' stuff, it's okay if they aren't perfect.  My kind of project!  

I cut some scraps of the poplin down to 4.5 inches square, and then cut some all-cotton quilt batting the same size.  I had made a single coaster for Miss A and taken it in to see if it was something she'd be able to use, and her only request was that it be a bit thicker.  So for this round, I'm doubling the batting for more volume.

squared off

gratuitous tape measure shot

Making something like this is dead simple.  Just sew at a 0.25 inch seam all the way around, leaving a turning hole of about 1.0 inch.  Backstitch at the beginning and end, and pivot at each corner with the needle down in the fabric.  Ta-da!

mind the gap

Trim the corners as close to the stitching as you possibly can.  You can also 'grade' the edges near the corners, like I have, to make it even easier to turn.  Now squash the whole thing inside out through the turning hole you left, using a chopstick or turning tool or small paintbrush or whatever you've got on hand to (gently) work the corners out and to 'crisp' the flat edges.

bits n pieces

Turn the seams at the open spot under and press.  Pressing is one of my least favorite things to do, and one of the most important.  Sigh.

ancient iron - best one I own!

Topstitch around with a small allowance, catching the seams under your stitching and closing the turning hole in the process.  I like to use my foot as a guide.  Since I was going for a slightly rustic look, I wasn't terribly careful about this, but if you're going for a more modern feel, or just really enjoy topstitching, you can be as precise as your little heart desires. 


And that's it!  A coaster!  That was easy...

one coaster!

Since I had the original prototype sitting around, I figured I'd have a little extra fun.  I grabbed my fabric marker and drew a (rather wonky) star in the center.  Then took it back to the machine and just stitched along the lines, pivoting at the points.  I think it's kind of cute, but I'll leave it up to Miss A whether she'd like that embellishment or not.

can't draw a straight line

I'm no Van Gogh

Now to repeat 11 more times and I'll have a set of 12 to wrap up with a pretty bow and give to a wonderful woman who does so much for our family.

I hope you're having a Fun Friday!