Summer is coming!  Really, I promise.  It is.  Eventually...  What better way to make it feel welcome than a pretty dress?  Karly took Stenzo poplin and called for summer to come!

Hey! It's Karly from Paisley Roots here. I have been dying to try some Stenzo Poplin and this Poppy on white was just so happy, I HAD to order some!

With it being May, I really should have made something for myself, but I snagged the last yard of this and sadly, my long legs require a bit more than a yard. Instead it got made into a beautiful Desert Rose dress for my girls. I'm really quite jealous. The print on this is just phenomenal and the colors are so vivid. 


Sewing with it was a dream and this dress was easily put together in an hour. Having the good fabrics really does make a huge difference in sewing. And who doesn't love those quick satisfying sews??

We went to Grandma's house for a few days and got to take pictures there. We already miss the gorgeous views and wonderful weather! At least when the warm weather finally gets here to stay, this little girl will be totally ready and styling!

Also Happy Friday the 13th! I hope everyone has a great fun/scary night planned!

Lucky Karly got the last of this print, and her even luckier girls got to benefit from it!  You can find all the poplins from Stenzo here and let your imagination run wild.  Thanks so much, Karly!  Fun Friday, indeed!!!