We're super excited to have Starly joining us for Fun Friday!  She's a prolific seamstress and blogger, and has a great time mixing and matching prints.  If you don't follow her blog, you're really missing out.  Let's see what she's done this time...


Happy Friday!! I'm Starly, I blog over at Sewstarly.com. I am super excited to be showing off one of my favorite Mabel Madison makes, my Love Notions Pemberley Tunic in Stenzo Concentric Blooms Black.


It is no secret I am a huge Stenzo fan. My daughter's wardrobe is probably 50% Stenzo. I just love this stuff. The quality is outstanding and they have beautiful prints. My favorite part is the dyes they use. I think they use the most consistently skin flattering dyes out of just about anyone. When you are dealing with a kid that wants everything pink, the shades of pink become very important and I always know Stenzo will look fab on both my daughter and me. I must also mention how well it launders. I made this gorgeous tunic in mid-February. I have worn and washed it every week since. These photos were taken May 4. My Stenzo still looks brand new!


This Concentric Blooms print is just stunning. I had to have it as soon as it came out and it went straight from the wash to the cutting table on unboxing. I knew I wanted it for me and that I wanted a tunic. Love Notions Pemeberley was the perfect pairing. It's so easy wear and flattering. It's also a quick sew and works well for all seasons. Here I have it paired with some lightweight woven black joggers and Keen sandals for my casual office. Almost every time I wear this tunic someone compliments me.


Now I am pretty sure I need the the aqua colorway too. Mabel Madison is not just for kids! Mother's Day is coming up. Go treat yourself!    

Wow-eeeeee!  I've always loved that print, and it's so much fun to see it in use!  Thanks, Starly, for sharing such a great creation.  Mabel Madison LOVES your tunic!!!