Hi, everyone!  It’s FRIDAY!  I like Fridays – the end of the workweek, lots of things done and checked off the list, and a few days coming up to do other things.  All of that makes Fridays FUN!

You know what else is fun?  Poplins.  Seriously.  These 100% cotton woven fabrics are just plain fun to work with.  They’re bright, and colorful, and they wash and dry like a dream.  Crisp but drapey, poplins beat out quilting cottons for clothing hands-down.  And let’s not forget that they’re extra-wide, so you get almost 35% more per linear yard.  That’s a lot of fabric!

So, great.  You can make shirts and skirts and dresses and rompers and even quilts out of the cotton poplins at Mabel Madison.  But since it is Friday, and Fridays are all about fun, we asked our friend Danielle at The Kisses Co to expand our horizons a little and do something FUN with poplin.  Check this out:



Here’s what Danielle had to say:

 I used the Poppy Grey Verhees Poplin to make a Swoon India Boho Bag for my daughter. I paired it with the new top by Winter Wear Designs for pictures (that is also releasing on Friday). Lovedddd that poplin fabric. It's so soft and pretty! And unique!



Go read the whole post at The Kisses Co blog, leave a little love, and tell ‘em we sent you!