Hello, Mabel Madison fans! I'm Kelly and I blog over at Handmade Boy. I'm here today to share with you how I made a headband that actually stays on my head using the fabulous new poly/spandex available exclusively to members of Mabel Madison Modern Makers group on Facebook starting on January 25. If you aren't a member, you definitely want to join ASAP!   
I was given the opportunity to get my hands on the new poly/spandex fabric to sew up some samples with it and test it out. Let me put this out there, it's ah-mazing! Love it!! So nice and thick and it doesn't slip all over the place. I made some Peg Legs out of it and it sewed up like a dream!
After sewing up my peg legs, I had some scraps left over. Scraps begging for a purpose. And I found it!
Yes! A headband! One that actually STAYS in place! And I'm going to show you how to make it. It's so easy that I feel really silly writing a tutorial for it! 


Cut your fabric to be 18" wide by 5" tall. Be sure the greatest amount of stretch is going with the width of the fabric.
(If you want to customize the size of your headband, first measure your head around the largest part. Mine was 22", which is pretty average according to a quick Google search. Cut the width of your headband to be about 80% of the circumference of your head.)
Fold the fabric right sides together, lining up the short ends and sew or serge together.




That's it! Finish off the serger threads and pop it on your head. You can fold it in half like I did, or leave it tall and wear it more like a scarf or any other way you can think to wear a headband.
I have the hardest time finding headbands that stay on my head and this baby stayed in place for my entire run. I'll be making headbands to match all my leggings!! 
Thanks for letting me share my tutorial with you! I look forwarding to seeing loads of wonderful things sewn up with the new fabric in the Mabel Madison Modern Makers group.