Karly from Paisley Roots is our Mabel Madison Monday guest blogger this week, and she went all out with chambray, adding a fantastic splash of color for summer! 
Hey! I'm Karly from Paisley Roots and I'm thrilled to be guest posting over here today! I've been sewing for summer and I was ecstatic to receive this Fleur-de-lis Chambray to make a breezy summer dress for Mabel Madison Mondays!
I was also sent a super adorable measuring tape that you can see over on instagram along with the other sneak peeks of this dress as I was making it. My kids LOVE measuring tapes, for some strange reason, so I have thoroughly hidden it in my bag so I have it with me wherever I go. :D
Chambray is my most favorite fabric to use to make summer dresses. It screams "summer & beach" to me and I adore the ocean, so anything that reminds me of it is a must! The weight is just perfect for hot summer days and it has a wonderful drape to it.
I chose to make the "Linen Dress" found in Stitch Wear Play, a Japanese sewing book.
I made the size 3 with a 4 length from the book, which I think translates to a size 6/8? I'm not exactly sure on that. LOL The pattern has a drop waist and double breasted front, which I had some fun adding rainbow snaps to. You should have seen Zoe's face when I showed it to her in the morning! The fabric was an absolute dream to work with!
This girl is a total nut and loves her dresses. She found this orange sucker that we had actually bought for a photoshoot LAST year.......
It got her to somewhat stay still for this photoshoot, so whatever works right?? LOL
Thank you so much Emily for letting me be a part of Mabel Madison Mondays! This dress will be VERY well loved!

What a great dress!  My kids saw the photos and had to verify the rainbow - it's legit.  ROY G BIV all the way!  Thanks so much, Karly!  Chambray is so soft and lightweight, but not fragile, and the fleur-de-lis accents make for such an adorable look!

See you on Fun Friday!  Happy sewing, everyone!