Cassandra is here with this week's edition of Mabel Madison Monday!  You can follow her blog at Pear Berry Lane.  We are always excited to see people step outside of their comfort zones, and sewing something you've never made before certainly fits!  

Well, I'm finally hopping in on the Mabel Madison blog fun. I'm excited to be here and sharing my creation with Mabel Madison fabrics that is "Made for Me." Typically my selfish sews are of the clothing nature, but I wanted to push myself for this post, so I made a bag. Woot Woot! Add that to my "Tried Something New in 2016" list because I'm keeping a tally sheet.


I'm not a beginner sewist, but I am definitely not a bag maker either. Bag making is some serious stuff! I went with the Trail Tote pattern from Noodlehead because it was FREE and beginner- friendly. In fact, I think I could have handled something more, but hey, I was taking baby steps. This pattern is a cross-body styled bag with a front zipper and interior pocket on the side lining. Nothing too complicated at all. The pattern also includes two sizes. I made the smaller of the two. The best part about my bag is the fabrics. I wanted something bright and cheery for summer. In truth, I never carry a purse because it is just ONE MORE THING to remember when trying to herd my kids into any public building. When I carry this, it is definitely going to pop and be noticed. Hopefully it will catch my own eye when I leave it sitting on the restaurant table and start heading out the door.



I used Stenzo Poplin for all parts of my bag. For the exterior of this bag I used the
Big Flowers Stenzo Poplin. Every time I looked through the site, this is the fabric that was whispering sweet nothings to me through my screen. I just had to have it. I used the
Big Stars in Lime for both pockets. It was a great way to bring out the lime green from the floral print. Lastly the interior of the bag was the Dizzy Daisies in Red. It was a fun way to keep the same color vibe as the exterior and still mix it up a bit. You can see a super cute dress with this same fabric here from Lulu & Celeste. I considered doing the interior with the stars and then thought again when I pictured the melted candy bars, and crumbled snacks, and slobbered-on Skittles my kids would, no doubt, bury inside it. Light colors and kids just don't mix.


Before I got my fabric I wasn't really sure what to expect. I haven't ever worked with poplin before. I was very happy with the way it pressed and my straps and zipper stitching look completely legit. I didn't spend a ton of time pressing and steaming, a few swipes with the hot iron and I was set. Now, to head out to do some shopping with my new bag!


That is absolutely an eye-catching bag!  Nice work, Cassandra!  Poplins aren't just for clothing - you can use them just about anytime a quilting-weight cotton is called for.  These bright colors and the fun pattern make for a really fun, vibrant bag - what would you do with poplins?