Before Mabel Madison Mondays, I wasn't a huge fan of Monday.  Weekend's over, back to work and drudgery...  Blah.  But now there are all these great bloggers stopping in for a visit, and all of a sudden, Mondays are way more interesting!  Let's see what Ti did with just ONE yard of Stenzo poplin, shall we?

Hi, I'm Ti from Sewing By Ti, and I'm a fabricaholic. No, this isn't some sort of 12 step program meeting. Chances are, since you're reading this post, you're probably a fabricaholic too.

And every good fabricaholic knows, what's better than fabric? More fabric!

So of course when Mabel Madison asked me to be a guest blogger, I said yes. And then they said they'd send me fabric. I was practically dying in anticipation. But then I had to pick some fabric. And you know what happened, I couldn't choose. Unlike most times, where you can't choose because there is too much awesomeness. No, this time, I couldn't choose because I already owned so much of what they already have.

Now don't let that confuse you. Mabel Madison has a LOT of fabric. Tons of beautiful fabrics and I love so many of them. But I own a lot of fabric <blush>. And Mabel Madison has an entire shelf dedicated to their fabrics in my sewing area. And that's just the ones that are still waiting for projects. I've sewn a lot of them too. And they're a dream.


But I finally picked a fabric, Tivoli Blue. Now I had to pick a pattern! Now when you guest post, you get 1 yard of fabric. With those 45" wide fabrics, 1 yard won't get you far, not far at all. But these big 55" wide poplins mean that you can make just about anything with this one yard. And I had to choose. WHY ME?!

So I started narrowing things down. I knew my eldest didn't need anything because my 40 Garments in 40 Days Series left her closet literally overflowing. So that left my other 2 girls After my big series, you better believe they've been incredibly patient but also incredibly jealous. Nothing new for weeks and weeks, that's a lot to ask from a 5 and 3 year old.

So from my 1 yard of fabric I made not only a Jocole Faux Wrap Skort in size 6 but also a Sisboom Tobago in size 3-4! Those patterns say to make those sizes, I would need 1 yard fabric for the Skort and ⅞ yard for the Tobago. Now I know that you usally have fabric left over from the fabric requirements, but I know I could NEVER get both of these out of 1 yard of 45" wide fabric. I definitely call that a MORE FABRIC win. And of course the real win is that these poplins have a great soft feel but don't really wrinkle. Pop them out of the dryer and give them a good shake and the wrinkles are mostly gone. This is a real necessity here, because I am not ironing clothes for 4 people daily. I don't even iron for myself!

Needless to say I LOVE Mabel Madison Fabrics and these photos turned out so good.

Want to read an actual review for these 2 patterns? Click on over to Sewing By Ti to see a complete review of the Jocole Faux Wrap Skort and the Sisboom Tobago for "Messed Up Monday" as well as a tip for finishing the side seam on the Sisboom Tobago that might change your life.

TWO garments from a single yard? That's a total win! Thanks so much to Ti for showing off her stuff - it's perfect!