We're so honored to have Stephanie of Swoodson Says join us for Mabel Madison Monday!  Stephanie is an avid blogger and creator, making wonderful clothing, toys and home goods.  We're always interested to see what she's up to!  Today, she's using our Get Around Downtown Stenzo Jersey Knit.  Without further ado...  Welcome, Stephanie!



Hi! Stephanie from Swoodson Says – I am so excited to share what I sewed with this funky Stenzo knit.

If you’ve never sewn with ‘euro knit’, I know the price tag can be startling (even with Mabel Madison’s great sales). BUT it’s worth it! I used some cheapie poly-blend to make a tester version of these to check the sizing for my son and it was such a pain. It got sucked into the feed-dogs, got stretched out around the cuffs, and was practically see through because it was so thin. Switching over to sewing with euro knit is completely the opposite – it sews through like butter and holds up so nicely.


It holds up well in the wash but also in play! My son is hard on his clothes, but euro knits last way longer. You can see here, they stretch and don’t become transparent or develop tears/holes.


This print is so much fun – my son immediately tried to claim it when I opened it, dragging it around like a blanket as seen on Instagram.  I like how bright the colors are – I added some knee patches to break up the bold print a little and help the pants last a little longer. ‘Harem’ or drop-crotch pants are a great way to showcase a print like this, by skipping the front and back seams.


I wasn’t sure how the print would translate to a hat, but I love how it turned out! Hats are a great way to use up scraps – I have a big list of other ideas on my blog. I like having all these ideas in my back pocket so I can use up every ounce when I have a euro knit fabric I love.


I think sometimes people get scared off by knits if they don’t have a serger or coverstitch– totally unnecessary! I have both, but used my sewing machine for the hat because I didn’t want to rethread anything for such a quick project. A triple stretch stitch sews super straight, no double needle or fancy tools needed, just two straight lines row by row!


I also received this nifty tape measure. I am keeping it upstairs for when I need to measure one of the kids or myself quickly before I run to the fabric store!

There is such little shrinkage with quality euro knit, I still have a nice sized chunk of this left. My son is begging me to make him that blankie, but we will see if I can resist making it into a shirt for next summer!


Thanks so much, Stephanie!  We really appreciate you joining us! You can find 'Get Around Downtown' in our Fabric for Boys section, along with oodles of other awesome prints.  The entire Fabric for Boys section is an extra $1 off already discounted prices through Sunday, January 17 - it's our Fabric of the Week!

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See you next week with another installment of Mabel Madison Mondays, when Roxanne from PenSebRox struts her stuff!