Look who stopped by!  It's Kari!  Let's see what neat thing she did - Kari's forever doing neat things!


Hi there!  I'm Kari from That's-Sew-Kari and although I'm no stranger to the awesomeness of Mabel Madison, I was so excited to be invited to pop in over here!  When I checked out all of the new goodies on the site, my eyes zeroed in on this gorgeous aqua denim twill.  My youngest, blonde and blue-eyed, looks fab in this color.

To show how versatile this denim twill is, I made Puperita's newest jacket -- the Dot Pop Jacket and lined it with Verhees Euro Poplin in Tivoli.  It did not disappoint!

After I took this picture of my new goodies, I loaded up the washing machine and began prewashing.  Prior to prewashing, I thought the denim twill was softer than other twill I’ve sewn.  After washing, it was even softer.  Because you can’t reach through your computer screen and feel how soft my daughter’s coat is …. imagine your most favorite pair of jeans that you always reach for.  Yeah, it’s “favorite pair of jeans” soft. (And if your favorite pair of jeans aren’t soft, you haven’t found your favorite pair yet ;) )

Confession:  I didn’t really need to measure this sleeve, but when you get a bonus retractable measuring tape, you measure ALL.THE.THINGS!  HAHA!  Seriously though, I needed a new measuring tape.  I just need to keep it away from my daughter!

Both the denim twill and the Euro poplin sew up nicely.  The twill comes in 5 colors currently -- aqua, red, grey, indigo, and white.  And of course, if you’d like to use one for a jacket as I did, each color has plenty of lining possibilities in the shop!  I chose the Tivoli in Blue for an extra splash of color.

I <3 everything about this!  Seriously, order some denim twill and some coordinating poplin -- you'll love it! Be a #mabelmadisonmaker :)

Thanks so much Emily for inviting me, sending me awesome fabrics, and providing one coveted measuring tape!  It's been so much fun :)

Wow!  That is some versatile twill!  Starly made pants last week, and now Kari's made a coat!  It's sturdy but not stiff, and a great weight.  Twill and poplin will be our Fabrics of the Week; $1 per yard will come off the price in the cart - what are you going to make?

And how about those measuring tapes?  They're EVERYWHERE!  

Thanks so much to Kari for taking our fabrics for a spin.  You can see more creations in the Mabel Madison Modern Makers Facebook group - come join us!

Amy from Friends Stitched Together is joining us next week - see you then!