I am constantly amazed at what our Monday guests make with our fabrics.  And today's guest continues my amazement - Amy makes a super-fun pair of shorts in exquisite Stenzo poplin!

Hi there. Amy here from Wally and Grace.
I get to be your guest blogger here for Mabel Madison Monday!
Mabel Madison has so many awesome fabrics - poplins, knits, corduroy, chambray, and even more. I mean, I am a total fabric addict, so I wish I could have all of it. They sent me the Fluorescent Flowers Blue Stenzo Poplin to try out and it is so pretty!


This 100% cotton fabric is just as easy to sew as a quilting cotton, but softer and with better drape. It's perfect for apparel such as these shorts, but also skirts and dresses. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. 


I used the pretty poplin to make these Honeybun Shorts from Pattern Emporium and they turned out so cute. And just in time for spring! This is the basic version of the shorts in play length. It's the size three on my five year old skinny-mini. I love the cute pockets, back yoke and top-stitching. I did scoop out the back crotch curve a bit more and increased the rise since I usually have to make her a few sizes bigger in the length than width.  


 Since she hugged the fabric when I pulled it out of the mail and now she doesn't want to take off these shorts, I would say she likes it! Mabel Madison poplin shorts for the win!

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Have you tried Euro poplins yet?  You really should!  They have an incredible hand and the colors just can't be beat.  The difference between poplins and quilting cottons is HUGE (I'll give you a hint - poplins win, every time!).  Thanks for visiting, Amy!