Looky who stopped by today!  These character knits are really getting around - and looking FABULOUS!!!  Read on...

Hey, hey, Mabel Madison fans and readers, Suzanne here from Pattern Revolution and Winter Wear Designs, and I am so excited to be here today!!!


I love fabric, yes I do - I love fabric, how about YOU?!

I love knit fabrics, woven fabrics, poplins and voile; and I love turning all of these amazing things into fabulous clothing for all three of my kiddos.  But here's the rub.  I have two boys.  Two rambunctious, silly, growing up way-too-fast five year old boys.  They are past the cutesy prints and certainly know what they like, and I'm finding very few shops carry things that they fall in love with.

Then along came Mabel Madison!  Did you know that MM has an entire section of their shop dedicated to boys - come on, that is AWESOME!!!  And I'm not talking little baby boy cutesy-ness I'm talking awesome cars and planes and spaceships and insects and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and MARVEL COMICS!!!! OMG, my boys jumped on the package as soon as the fabric arrived in the mail, they petted it and talked to it and asked who it was for, and leapt around the room in glee when I said 'for you'.  They are in love with Hulk and Captain America and all the rest, and you would think I just told them they were going to Disney.

Before sewing, I washed and dried the fabric they way I normally do. It came out of the dryer beautifully - no pilling, no fading, minimal shrinkage and rolling just at the very edge. These colors are gorgeous and the fabric is so soft.  With a 94/6% cotton/lycra blend, this is great fabric for t-shirts, leggings, dresses, and more.  I mixed the Marvel Knit with the Solid Black Stenzo knit which is LUXE!!!!  Seriously I pulled that fabric out of the dryer and wanted to go snuggle with it.


















I decided to make my boys coordinating EBTKS Henleys - it is my go-to pattern for them.  It is easy to make, fits them perfectly, and has plenty of ways to mix it up so that their shirts can match without being the same.  It may have snowed this morning, but I know spring is on its way, so I went with short sleeves.  And since short sleeves eat up far less fabric than long sleeves, this means that I have some fabric left over to make them some killer Aviator shorts now, WOOT!  Of course that will have to wait until the weather really gets warmer - I only torture my kids so much on any given day.





I am currently crushing on the zebras and those white tigers, Emily never fails to leave me wanting more!  What are your current cravings???


I don't know about all of you, but I would be thrilled to have these two on the 'save the world' team!  Tune in later this week for our 'Fun Friday' post, and in the meantime, go sew something!