Hey! I'm Meriel from create3.5, and I'm here for Mabel Madison Monday
with a tale of two skirts.


Most of my sewing for my girls is done with knits or quilting cottons (though I'm also partial to Mabel Madison's fabulous Euro poplins) but lately I'm trying to branch out into using more apparel fabrics. 
I saw the fleur-de-lis chambray and denim twill (metal grey) and knew I had to have them, though I wasn't sure at first what to do. I wanted to make a shrug and a jacket - and suddenly, Wyoming decided to bring on the warm weather! Never mind...
This is where the tale of two skirts comes in. The chambray is beautifully soft, and drapes really well. I knew that it would make a wonderful circle skirt (this is E+M Patterns' Skirt No.1), since it's light enough not to hang on a child's frame. The fabric has a slight "give" - not enough to call it a stretch, but enough that it allows for maximum comfort.
I let Little Miss pick the trim, and she gravitated straight to the shiny gold (of course!) for the hem. I like the pop of pizzazz it adds to this beautiful print!
The denim twill is surprisingly soft! I feel like anything made from this fabric would be comfortable, with the added benefit of being sturdy - a must for children's clothing! It comes in three colors - metal grey, fire engine red (I can so see a fall coat in that one!), and weathered indigo.
The Orbit Skirt from Little Kiwi's Closet is a perfect match for this soft and strong woven. It allows to skirt to "stand" out on the body the way it's meant to, and accentuates the unique hem perfectly. I used a thicker quilting cotton and a linen to accent - this is a skirt that will stand up to playtime, all the time.
Two such different fabrics, two equally beautiful but unique skirts! The possibilities with some of these lovely apparel fabrics are endless. I'll be back for more of this denim twill, for sure! 

Thanks for joining us, Meriel!  A tale of two skirts, indeed - these are fabulous!!!